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For Your Information - Houston Historical Tours - Feb 11th

Guest was Keith Rosen with Houston Historical Tours. We talked about Houston’s rich black history, including many significant historical sites, as well as stories of the events and the people who shaped our community. We talked about the many black schools, churches and cemeteries in Houston, as well as the areas designated as wards, and the Camp Logan Mutiny, site of the largest black riot in Texas history.

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For Your Information - Americares - Feb 4th

Guests were Christy Skevington with Americares, and Francis Isbell with Healthcare Homeless, Houston. Americares was one of four organizations chosen by Houston Texan JJ Watt as a recipient of part of the $37 million dollars he raised after Hurricane Harvey. We talked about Americares and HHH commitment to public health during and after Harvey. We talked about the importance of public health education and the focus on mental health after the trauma of Harvey.

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For Your Information - Jan 28th - Save the Children

Guest was John Farden, Associate Vice President, U.S. Programs, Save the Children. One of four organizations chosen by Houston Texan JJ Watt as a recipient of part of the $37 million dollars he raised after Hurricane Harvey. We talked about Save the Children’s commitment to keeping kids safe immediately after hurricane Harvey, and its promise to help restore and rebuild child care centers damaged by the storm. Save the Children is also committed to helping kids and their parents with their emotional and social needs after Harvey.

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For Your Information - Jan 28th - Rebuilding Together

Guest was Rebuilding Together Houston CEO Christine Holland. For 36 years, Rebuilding Together Houston has been helping senior citizens, US military veterans and people with disabilities fix their homes. We talked about how Harvey gave their mission a whole new meaning. We talked about the need to help repair homes, but the sudden need to completely rebuild homes damaged from Harvey. We discussed the impact repairing and rebuilding homes has on safety and the economy in a community.

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For Your Information - Southern Salt Foundation - Jan 14th

Guests were Houston Chef Bryan Caswell and his wife and business partner, Jennifer, with the Southern Salt Foundation. The couple used their restaurants after Hurricane Harvey to feed thousands of first responders, volunteers and people displaced by the storm. They’ve continued to help post Harvey by using their Southern Salt foundation to raise money to help people recover. We also talked about the foundation’s original mission, to conserve the Gulf of Mexico's waterways, bays, wetlands, habitats and wildlife, while collaborating with community to create a culture of exploration, research, education and conservation.

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For Your Information - Robert L. Nichols, State Senator District 3 - Jan 7th

My guest On For Your Information this week is Robert L. Nichols, State Senator District 3 which includes Conroe and Montgomery County, who talked to listeners about the different bills, laws and action taken by the state legislature including such things as: changes to funding in education effecting the dozens of school districts in his district; that 11 of the 19 counties he represents were negatively affected by Hurricane Harvey and what the state has been, and continues, to deal with the problem. The Senator also advised that for the first time ever, the cost of health and human services has exceeded education costs in Texas, and that the state currently has in use state hospitals that were built in the 19th Century. He talked about some of the actions the Congress took to address that situation.

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For Your Information - Dec 31st - McKinley Development Co. Inc

My guest on For Your Information this week, is Amanda DeRosario, Vice President of Building with McKinley Development Co. Inc., who talked to listeners concerning the Chinese-backed developer group breaking ground on its first residential community in the U.S. which is located in Cleveland, Texas. She explained preliminary plans for the project, located on SH105 East approximately two miles from Cleveland High School, call for 1,400 single-family homes, 240 apartments, 240 condominiums as well as commercial office and retail space anchored by a nine-hole golf course. DeRosario also spoke on the group’s new industrial park located in Cleveland on SH105 West where they are constructing huge warehouses

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For Your Information - Dec 24th - Lead Pastor for Cornerstone Church

My guest on For Your Information this week, is Tim McGee, Lead Pastor for Cornerstone Church, who on this Christmas Eve spoke to listeners about Christmas; a positive way to look at the events, religious and secular, that are part of the holiday; and about the first Christmas with the events involved before and after as related in the Holy Bible.

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For Your Information - Dec 28th - Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies

Guests were Kristen Schlatre, Director of the Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. And Practicum instructor Muffin Clark. We talked about the shortage of talented and skilled nonprofit leadership. We talked about the LINE program. (Leadership Institute for Nonprofit Executives) Designed to assist nonprofit leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles in the nonprofit sector to build their current skillsets and become effective and successful leaders of nonprofit organizations. This can include everything from the nuances of nonprofit administration and board governance to fundraising and leadership.

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For Your Information - Dec 28th - President and CEO of Houston Exponential

Guests were Dick Williams, President and CEO of Houston Exponential. And Gina Luna Chair of HX. We talked about the newly formed Houston Exponential. Houston Exponential was created through a combination of Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Innovation and Technology Task For the Houston Technology Center and the Greater Houston Partnership’s Innovation Roundtable, to bolster Houston’s Innovation ecosystem. We talked about plans to build Houston’s innovation economy by fostering a robust ecosystem that supports high-growth, high-impact startups.

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For Your Information - Dec 17th - Texas State Senator Dist.3

My guest on For Your Information this week, is Robert Nichols, Texas State Senator Dist.3, who came by the studio to talk to listeners about the activities of the recently concluded Texas 85th Legislature including: continued work on education funding; major changes to the way the state operates in dealing with those suffering with mental illness and the untreated or under treated of same; major changes to child welfare including making the Department of Family and Protective Services a standalone agency, increased funding for case workers, and more. Nichols also spoke about the difficulties caused by Hurricane Harvey and the actions taken to deal with them.

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For Your Information - Dec 17th - Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health services

Guests were Pam Reed with Devereux Texas. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health services include intensive residential for adolescents and young adults, residential for children and adults, as well as vocational, foster care and community-based programs. We talked about the effect Hurricane Harvey had on residents of Texas both in Houston / League City and Victoria. We talked about the evacuation of more than 200 children and adults served by Devereux Texas - and more than 125 staff who care for them every day. We talked about the extensive damage done to both facilities, and the recovery and rebuilding needed ahead.

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For Your Information - Dec 17th - Houston Audubon Society

Guests were Sarah Flournoy, Bird-friendly Communities Program Manager, and Richard Gibbons, Conservation Director with the Houston Audubon Society. We talked about the annual 118th Christmas Bird Count. We discussed how the tally allows researchers to observe trends in the ranges and abundance of birds over time. Data from the count is used in research on climate change and conservation. We talked about education and outreach, and what effect Harvey has had on birds in the Houston area.

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For Your Information - Dec 10th - U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Guest was Joe Bontke with the Houston District office of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. We talked about how recent sexual harassment scandals in the news have raised the discussion of workplace misconduct to a new level, and prompted a re-evaluation of how harassment is handled in the workplace. We talked about EEOC Leadership for Respect, and Respect in the Workplace training and education.

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For Your Information - Dec 10th- Texas Department of Public Safety

Guest was Texas Department of Public Safety Sergeant Stephen Woodard. During last year’s holiday season,* approximately one in four deaths on Texas roadways were alcohol-related. We talked about the TxDOT “Plan While You Can” campaign, designed to lower drunk driving accidents and deaths in Texas during the holidays.

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For Your Information - Dec 10th - Police Chief for the City of Cleveland

On For Your Information this week, my guest is Darrel Broussard, Police Chief for the City of Cleveland, who talked to listeners about his department; how the city’s growth is effecting the police department; some of the dangers and scams that criminals have made part of the holiday season and how to protect yourself against them.

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For Your Information - Arthritis Foundation - Dec 3rd

Guests Jen Torres, Executive Director Arthritis Foundation. And Kari Sanches Jingle Bell Run co-chair and has Rheumatoid Arthritis. We talked about Arthritis, what it is, the different kinds, causes, and treatments. We talked about Juvenile Arthritis, and the need to recruit more medical students to become Rheumatologists. We talked about how Arthritis is the number one cause of disability, and the economic impact.

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For Your Information - Dec 3rd - Montgomery County Food Bank

On For Your Information this week, my guest is Allison Hulett, President / CEO of the Montgomery County Food Bank (MCFB) who talked to listeners about while the MCFB is always in need of volunteers and donations in the form of food and especially money, this year there has been an even greater need primarily due to the wide-spread loss and devastation wreaked by Hurricane Harvey and its associated flood waters. She explained food donations are a great help but due to MCFB’s partnerships with agricultural groups and grocery chains, they are able to provide approximately three meals to those in need for every dollar donated.

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For Your Information - Nov 26th - Heaven’s Army of Resources

On For Your Information this week, my guest is LaNora Purvis, pastor and CEO of Heaven’s Army of Resources, a non-profit group which assists people who can teach certain skills and others who wish to learn these skills come together by providing locations for the process to take place. She said they offer everything from drug and alcohol abuse counseling to martial arts instruction. Pastor Purvis also operates a home in the Cleveland area for female survivors of domestic abuse and sex trafficking.

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For Your Information - City of Cleveland Director of Public Work - Nov 12th

On For Your Information this week, my guest is Roderick ‘Rod’ Hainey, City of Cleveland Director of Public Works, who talked to listeners about: how he came from the Scotland of his youth reaching his current position; what the public works director in Cleveland does; the employees he oversees and what their responsibilities include; the equipment needed to take care of everything from operation of city wells and water treatment plants as well as sewer and water piping repair, to maintenance of roads, bridges, right-of-ways and even cemeteries.

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